Our Re Proposal

B97FCB81-C72F-454D-BAE9-7DDD2DB643C714 years ago, Dino Julio Petrone proposed to me on the beach in Ventura Ca. He claims it wasn’t very romantic and he failed at the job… but apparently it did the trick because I said yes! But I seriously cant blame the guy for wanting to give it another go! And this time was even more amazing, not just because I got a ring upgrade, but because after 14 years, the amount of time and energy and love he put into it, made it so special. 969D5882-A0C1-4BF4-8CE3-C50A173F0ED7

Our first engagement was fast! Our moms set us up, we hit it off, 3 weeks later we were engaged and 4 months later we were married. I had just turned 20 and Dino was 24. We were young and in love. After 6 months of marriage we moved to Las Vegas for a job offer. It was the first time I had moved away from home. It was the ultimate “leave and cleave”. I’ll never forget those 10 1/2 months (yes I counted), because as a newly married couple, who didn’t know much about each other, it really united us as one. I couldn’t run home when we got into a fight, we were forced to work things out. And it truly taught us how important it was to be intentional.

Marriage is a journey, it’s a changing of singleness to oneness. A removal of yourself and our natural desire to put ourselves first, and laying down our life for another. It’s not easy and adding kids to the mix doesn’t make it easier. It’s a choice we make every single day to love one another and commit yourself to someone else. CA38F689-94FB-43E3-A125-A5D171274248

People hear marriage and they think, tied down, lacking passion and mystery, boring, stuck, unhappy… I could go on. It’s just not a popular choice these days. But it doesn’t have to be that way and thats not the way God intended marriage to be. Thats why this re proposal was so special. To verbally, publicly, emotional, physically recommit ourselves to one another. It’s our joy to do our marriage LIVES and share our journey with you all daily on my blog and Instagram. We  share because we want to support you in your marriage! To encourage you to choose one another daily and live a love filled marriage that thrives! It takes work, but its so worth it and we hope we can come along side you and cheerlead you on in that journey! 922CD39B-7E4B-4297-A854-919A7404CE24

Thank you so much to Sarah O Jewelry for making this day possible. She designed my ring and worked with Dino on the entire day! Capturing all the sweet moments and truly making it all happen! DB9D360D-D7C0-498E-962F-4FA90484C191

4 thoughts on “Our Re Proposal

  1. I loved watching this on your IG live! Not sure how I found you, maybe through Natalie at Vintage Porch. I just noticed your website now too through IG. I love that yours is associated with “the in between” much like my blog, The Creative Life in Between. Anyway – your adorbs and I’m enjoying.


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