Mother + daughter

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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved having a best friend. Well I think I scored with an amazing mama and a sweet baby girl.52FB877C-60C8-41DB-BC24-E0D70CE0BC4A

The biggest thing my mom taught me was to always be fearless. If ever we wanted something while we were out, we had to ask for it or we didn’t get it. It’s something I’ve carried over to my parenting. It’s what I want to instill in not only my daughter but all my kids. But specifically to Quinn, to have the confidence to be an individual + to be bold in that confidence!  2B068DED-F705-40AE-B6CE-067611A5F685I love how she is constantly expressing herself through her art and fashion. And I will forever be an advocate to “twin” with her for life! So far it takes no convincing. She looks up to me and I can see her mimicking everything I do, so dressing like mama is her jam!

Loving our new outfits from Zappos x Little Mermaid! So soft, cozy + cute!  The full Chaser x Little Mermaid line is over at Zappos! 471F1DF0-90E6-447E-AA59-D557AC820BB8

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