Tulum trip

Every year as far back as I can remember I’ve traveled to Mexico for family vacations. Beautiful weather, not to long of a flight, and gorgeous sights! It’ll forever be a favorite spot of mine to travel. A13BC55E-A19B-48E8-96FF-655D64D85DCF

Since getting married, Dino has quickly jumped on that travel train with me! Which is so fun! We had been all over Mexico but hadn’t had the chance to explore Tulum until this year. We have done both all inclusive resorts and smaller boutique hotels and we’ve realized just how much we love that smaller feel.

This last September we traveled to Tulum. We decided to stay at La Zebra resort. Crazy thing about this trip and resort, it reminded us of our trip to Tahiti. Just a much shorter flight and a lot easier to get to! It’s like a mix of jungle and chic. As you drive down the road to the hotel, you’re passing cute shops and restaurants, tucked away in the lush greenery of the Tulum jungle. Every spot was stunning! The lush greenery and cool spots to walk to were one of the many reasons we loved our hotel. F72B90E9-47C4-47E9-B131-D3C1A0C8367BF2FFEF3F-EFD8-4129-9DBD-ECF9A6FC64487E2B6257-49E4-4112-9C62-D5E06F9F159603DD9FC5-D558-4590-9799-BC5C9E13DF21C181C004-F47F-4209-8034-98CC18AFD56E

Our hotel sat right up against the water. With just under 20 rooms it was very intamite and romantic. Bottom level rooms had their own personal plunge pool, while the top level had a balcony and gorgeous view which we got to experience. I’m actually not sure of which one I liked better. They both had perks so it’s a tie in my book! 8A3DEED8-1EF4-435E-86BD-96DE3A46219B6B497396-C75A-4A7D-855B-AF13231B28C3

There was also a pool and bar up above the main restaurant. We loved going up there for a quick dip and drink. After we swam we would lounge in one of the hammocks and order a snack. Drink and food service was every at the hotel, even in our room, so it was very luxurious.

What I really loved about this hotel though was the attention to detail. The way they served food and what they served it on. I can’t tell you why, but it just feels better drinking a drink out of glass rather than plastic. The drinks just taste better that way! And while they offered complimentary coffee in the room, we loved the presentation of coffee they served at the restaurant. Every cup was served with personal frothed milk, brown sugar and all atop of a slice of cement tile… I mean come on! So cute! We enjoyed fresh chips and guacamole daily too. DF51F57C-0ABC-4034-AD5A-D0EDB1D83588B24D5C51-145D-4226-9A7F-B3FED26C7EC893116DF5-661B-47C1-BDC5-2770D81DF9A9E8059912-D918-48C5-B748-B8AA5B6787C1

No need to fight over who gets the better chairs here, they only had comfortable lounge beds. Plenty of hammocks, swings, and little nooks to tuck away, hide out, and relax. I loved this perk of the hotel because so many times we go on vacation to a nice resort, thinking we paid for the best only to find out we didn’t and we are on the junk chairs! Not here! Each spot was luxurious! 4AFCDCCA-200A-4181-933E-70E5686E85F83ED40444-9D05-4ECC-9F52-58C1840A86FF

Days by the beach were so relaxing. Back and forth we went from beach to pool to bar… it’s a fun cycle! Doesn’t hurt to have a gorgeous view like that too! 2D94A527-F2FC-4D78-81E9-67E5BB002C93

In the evenings we either ate at the hotel restaurant which was really good, or walked close by to some fun spots! The hotel also offered salsa lessons on Sunday nights. That was so fun to watch! Tons of people were there, the music was great and the food was even better! Each restaurant we went to had a view or was decorated to give you a unique experience of Tulum. It made every meal so exciting! Some of our favorite spots to go to were; Arco, Mezzanine, Rosa Negra, Matcha Mama, Kitchen Table, Azulik, and Mur Mur.  C9800834-DB54-4B97-AA19-A011E22B7DAE94D5D864-6F76-4E4D-8281-1F8791BA794847370D10-BC03-4F6D-ADF9-61630C2FC06E854DBA83-BE52-4974-9345-C2F075602A62I would highly recommend coming to Tulum and staying at La Zebra. The Colibri hotels are apart of the small luxury hotels of the world and we loved being able to experience each one of their hotels. All four of them are located right in Tulum and we ate dinner at each one. They offered complimentary drinks for us at each hotel when we visited, so of course we hoped on over to each one and enjoyed that!A073D8D1-8A4F-4F9C-AACF-5F1D8BDA6F16

Tulum we love you and can’t wait to come back! 861F9D44-7CEB-40E8-BDA6-A6DA9B553324BEB40042-E0C4-4E72-B8FD-CFA52A9D2018Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

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