Top 5 RV Renovation Tips

There are a lot of reasons I love the transformation of a renovated RV. It’s adfordable, quick, and most people can do it themselves!

We purchased our 31ft 2003 Cougar Keystone for $8k. After 3 weeks and just under 3k to renovate it, we were ready to move into our new tiny HOME on wheels. I emphasize home because that was and is my goal. For myself and for future RV dwellers. Why not make these adventurous spaces feel cozy and inviting?F35C0AD8-5D83-4299-875A-09FAB37A62D0EDD68186-1CDB-4F5B-B376-2D68A0083B97

Here are my top 5 RV/trailer renovation tips:


I love our RV bright white. The biggest question I get asked is, how do we keep it clean with 3 kids? Well surprisingly it’s very easy and everything wipes off with either a baby wipe or a magic eraser. We wiped down our walls with TSP to clean the walls and then used Dunn Edwards shellac paint and a small roller to paint the interior of the RV. We’ve been in the trailer for 10 months and haven’t had a chip! Even with all the rearranging I do in there. Our cabinets were also painted with the same paint, sprayed and then finished with a sealer.78679A46-63D7-4983-B589-94D615BF0DEA2A797B9D-242B-40C3-9D66-6A3712DDDB55


This was a bigger because that old blue dirty dirty carpet had to go. We replicated what we had in our previous home inside the RV. We used Harmonics Newport Oak laminate from Costco. I love this floor and I recommend it to everyone! Not only does it look close to real wood, but it’s affordable, easy to clean and has a beautifully balanced cool/warm color.BD4D8978-0F65-4510-A120-25A5DC34DC7D


This is a major update in any space, big or tiny. Again affordable and easy to do it yourself. It’s also a great way to keep your cabinets clean! No dirty fingers touching your newly painted cabinets. We got our hardware from amazon.26586104-D0C0-48DB-9E36-F27061BC28F832F44B73-E4AA-4AA2-9550-C74018AED0CE


When I shopped for lighting originally it was very difficult to find something unique and the style I wanted. I didn’t want to settle for mediocre. Why not elevate the space even more with some designer lighting. I connected with  Lucent Light Shop and we thrilled that they were starting a DC lighting series. What an amazing company that handmakes all of their lights and is so flexible that I could customize what I wanted for each space!52D9E60D-A9A9-4D77-90DF-4A67BB2B4CFE

Personal Touches

This is a big one! And if you skip 1-4 and go straight to this one, I understand! Whether you’re using your tiny space for travel or living, making it feel like a YOUR home is key. Here are a few personal touches I love:

1. Removing old drapes and adding updated blinds. We got ours at Ikea.

2. New bedding and pillows. You don’t need to break the bank on this. Get rid of that old factory stock bedding and bring it something that reminds you of home. One of my favorite things to buy are pillow covers, not the inserts. It saves space and I can easily update our space quickly without taking up room.

3. Removable sticker wallpaper is great for updating the RV. Don’t want to paint? Or maybe you do paint and want to add a pop like I did. Removable wallpaper is easy to install and remove and doesn’t harm your walls. I love our buffalo check wallpaper from ShopBDarling.

4. Plants and decor that say, this is our family! What makes your home yours? Bring it into this little space! Special mugs, plant holders, coffee maker, pictures… whatever it is. The goal is to make this space feel like comfortable.

My last tip, is less is more. Have fun with your space, but keep it simple.

Happy Renovating!


54 thoughts on “Top 5 RV Renovation Tips

  1. Thanks so much for this! We’re starting a Reno ourselves and yours is such a great inspiration! Where did you get your new cabinet doors?


  2. Thank you for the inspiration! It’s all so beautiful!
    I’ve been scouring all your info on your process and I see you installed the chair rail to cover the glue from the wallpaper border.
    Did you also remove the wallpaper or paint over it?
    I have the same trailer and am concerned the wall paper might not come off easily?
    Thanks so much for any advice.🙂


  3. First off I would like to say that I love your blog and have really enjoyed following you and your family on your journey. I am currently searching for a travel trailer to renovate for some summer fun. Since I teach, I have the summers off and would like to spend my time exploring. I am wondering if there are changes or modifications you would need to make in order to be mobile? What would you do differently if you were planning to travel with your trailer? Would you still be able to do tile backsplash? Hang any art or hooks? Thank you in advanced for considering my questions and taking time to read this! You rock!


  4. Hi! I enjoy following you on IG and the blog.
    Do you source the paint colors you’ve used? Specifically, the pink in the kitchen and the white overall?


  5. would love some more sources… where did you get the sofa/futon from and the side tables in the master? did you attach them to the wall?


  6. Maybe you’ve already covered this somewhere but do you need RV specific light fixtures? Special bulbs or wiring? We bought a new RV & I am already thinking of ways to update it. The factory lighting is so BORING! Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so bad! We did need DC lighting and I worked with Lucent Light shop. You can find them on Instagram or they have a website. They made DC lights for us! They have a line. Or you can just email them and they’ll help you out, they’re so great!


  7. I don’t normally comment on these things but I LOVE how you remodeled your RV! It is so beautiful and simple! I just had a question about the floors… does the slide out still work? I am wanting to put new flooring in ours but I wondered if the floors would get scratched from the slide out sliding in and out? Thanks!


  8. Absolutely lovely! 2 questions for you though. You mention the walls are all the same color, but I’m wondering what you used on the wall heading towards the kids room? It looks almost light pink above the chair rail.

    Also, is your chair rail just a low profile piece of wood attached right where the dreaded wallpaper runners were? Did you put anything but just normal paint below them?

    Thanks for the feedback!


    1. Oh yes that’s an accent wall of Behr paint- my sweetheart. And yes just a simple piece of wood. We removed the wallpaper and then added this! And the rest of the walls are white!


  9. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!! I have been wanting to do this for years. Which color Dunn Edwards paint did you choose?


  10. Hello,

    I love love LOVE your trailer renovation!! It looks so cozy! Did you guy make your sink counter top or did you order it ?


  11. This is a beautiful renovation. Where did you get your lights in the bedroom. The 2 black flush mount lights. Are you using 12v light bulbs? Thank you.


  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE What you’ve done. Such a beautiful family. xoxo

    Ps…. it’s a keystone cougar 😁 not the other way around. We have one too. So glad we found you.


  13. Your remodeled home is the best one I’ve ever seen! I love your style, and everything going on in your home makes me happy and excited to remodel (our old but new to us) 32 ft Coachman. My question is, How did you fit your bigger furniture through the tiny door entrance. I bought 2 chairs and just about never got them in! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us.


  14. Hey! How did you paint the exterior? You don’t mention anything about it, but it’s stunning! Would LOVE to paint the outside of mine and remove the decals from the sides!! Looks beautiful!


  15. What did you spray and seal the cabinets with? What was your paint prep process and have you had any issues with peeling ? Other boys suggest thorough sanding to ensure a porous surface and others suggest scoring seams to prevent peeling when walks shift during transport . Thankyou!


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