It all starts with a pic

One thing Ive come to love and enjoy is picture taking. I had no idea the passion was even there! One of the many reasons I say “go for it!” When thinking about your dreams and desires, you never know what else will stem from saying “yes”.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Well I want to share some of the things Ive learned and what works for me. I wrote a blog piece over at Displate with 5 Blogger Tips for Taking Beautiful Home Decor Pictures…

“When I click on that little button that leads me to the magical world of Instagram, what do I want to see? New and old faces, stellar spaces, and everything in between. But there’s something special about a beautiful page, with photos that catch your eye and calls you in, to dive in deeper. So what does that look like? In this article you’ll find my tips for taking beautiful home decor pictures for an Instagram account….”

Head on over to their page to read the full blog!

Ive also saved a more in depth editing tutorial on my Instagram page, where you can see  step by step how I edit each photo.E354DC72-BF2E-48CB-9C70-C5B4FD427488

2 thoughts on “It all starts with a pic

  1. Hello! Love your RV Reno! I have been dying to know where you got that kitchen backsplash tile. I have looked everywhere. Can you tell me where you got it?


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