Painting exterior of the RV

Well this was a long time coming! You know the saying, “Its not whats on the outside, but whats on the inside that matters.” Well thats sweet and all but it really doesn’t apply here! I definitely admit that my pride has gotten in the way a tad with the outside of the trailer. It wasn’t a pretty site before you walked inside and I really wanted the outside to match the beauty we created in the interior. IMG_7581

So let me tell you what we did…

First off we bought a sander. This one worked best for us, Sander. You can rent one if you’d rather, but we just decided to own one. It took Dino and help from friends, all day to sand off every decal from the trailer. We had a lot, especially that nasty cougar on the front side. After sanding we gave her a good wash. I used a hose, bucket with water and soap, and a big scrub brush I found at target, to give her a good wash.


We then wiped her down and started to prime. I used Kilz original Oil based paint to prime, it was a great choice because it made the surface matte and gave the paint something to stick to. I applied 2 coats of that with a small smooth roller, so I wouldn’t see the texture of the roller on the trailer. You can use a sprayer, but the paint is very think and I didn’t want to deal with that.

Let the primer dry and start with the paint. We used Rustoleum Pro High Performance protective high glass paint, in ultra white. This paint was great and I loved the shine it gave to the trailer.5E0A6CD9-59A4-4597-A9B3-3EB48E4DA04C47627A8A-FDFF-4842-81AC-B404AF9C37FD

After painting the body white I decided to add a black trim to the bottom portion. It was a tan/silver color and I wanted to continue with the black and white theme of the interior of the trailer. I applied a coat of the Kilz primer there and then once that dried I rolled and cut, two coats of Rustoleum ultra cover fast drying . I also took that same black paint and trimmed out a few pieces, like the door trim and air vents. Oh mama that made it pop! Love the way it turned out! CA891DB6-08CA-4978-9398-0E738A2F4853

Now that its finished, I am happy that we rolled instead of sprayed, I like the look it produced and I also like to have control over what Im painting, I feel I have more control with my hand and a paint brush. It took us about 4 days total from start to finish and Im so happy with the results!F6C3F5BB-FB55-4BA1-87B1-9CA9A2295634EDD68186-1CDB-4F5B-B376-2D68A0083B97


21 thoughts on “Painting exterior of the RV

  1. Looks amazing! Well done. The black and white theme in your trailer really works. SO simple and clean but still totally interesting to the eye. Love, love, love. x


  2. Hey Ashley!! Did yall do anything to the roof to prep it for being stationery?? Trying to avoid having to build or buy some sort of cover/carport type thing, but read that not driving/moving the rv over long period of time might cause damage to the roof? Would love your opinion! Love everything that y’all have done!


  3. Very nice results!
    I have a small Jayco 154BH. You’ve definitely given me some ideas. Why are all travel trailer interiors shades of brown on other shades of brown? Too much brown!


  4. Hi! (I realize I’m seeing your post a year late, but…) Your “porch” light by your door entrance… did you use a 12/120v light fixture, or just a regular fixture with the specific voltage bulb required for your rig? P.s. Your rig is a huge inspiration for this newb, thank you!


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