If I had all the Anthro credit…”Christmas Edition”

Christmas is a beautiful season! Celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus. Teaching my kids the true meaning behind it all, and really just trying to keep that perspective in our home. There are so many ways to celebrate Christmas and I love how different families have different traditions.

One of the traditions I grew up with was a house FULLY decorated with all the glamor and decor you could imagine. My parents house was and still is, a winter wonderland. It smells like Christmas, it definitely looks like Christmas and most important to me, it feels like Christmas. So obviously, I have chosen to carry that into my home.

There is so much decor out there, you could go crazy! I am a hard core Home goods and Target shopper through and through. Let me tell you, they have some killer deals and unique pieces. However; there is one place I like to treat myself to at least one special item every year. Anthropologie. To me, the pieces are so special and different. Unfortunately, their price range is higher than I’d like to spend, so I don’t get much. I usually wait until “Anthro day”, “After Thanksgiving Sale”, or I try to bribe a friend to let me use one of their “b-day discounts”. So I rounded up a few pretty pieces that caught my eye, and that I will be keeping an eye on once a sale hits!

1.Tree Skirts: The details on these beauties are beyond! That and the vibrant colors, you just can’t go wrong. I wouldn’t want to cover them with any presents!img_3899img_3896img_3897https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/verdure-tree-skirt?color=060


2. Stockings: Again the patterns and colors are just way too pretty!img_3901img_3900img_3902img_3903https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/verdure-stocking?color=040


3. Ornaments: I picked one of these up last year during the after Christmas sale, I love them! Plus the price isn’t too bad at $8 and they usually have an ornament sale at some point. img_3892https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/felted-monogram-ornament-1?color=901

4. Felt Garland and Wreath: How pretty! Now do I feel like I could make these… probably… But too cute and I don’t have the time!img_3894img_3895img_3891



5. Advent Calendar: I am totally aware that Trader Joes is selling these for 99 cents. But I love the look of this one!img_3889img_3890


6. Bunny Stocking Holder: Well just cause… you know its a bunny.img_3898https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/hare-stocking-holder?color=020

7. Decorative Plates: Cookies always taste better on a pretty plate.img_3904img_3905https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/moonlit-forest-dessert-plate?color=001


8. Wire Trees: I did get a few of these last year at Target and I know them have them now, as well as Home goods. These are just really cool because they are ombre. img_3893https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/decorative-sisal-tree2?color=030

9. Slippers. I love getting a new pair this time of year. Pom poms always win my heart.img_3909https://www.anthropologie.com/shop/pom-pom-slippers4?color=030

Whatever you do to celebrate Christmas and whatever makes your home feel like Christmas is always gonna be perfect! Most importantly its who we spend it with! I hope your Christmas is filled with Joy, Love, and peace.

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