JORD womens wood watch

You all know my LOVE for wood and metal combination. It is just too good for words. They are like peanut butter and jelly. Thelma and Louise. Bert and Ernie. The two compliment each other so well. image

I was gifted a JORD women’s watch and after receiving it and wearing it, Im hooked! Not only did it come in a beautiful hand crafted wood box, the attention to detail on this watch is remarkable.imageimage For an oversized watch, I was afraid it was going to look bulky and masculine on my little arm. However; the watch is light on the wrist and gorgeous to the eye. It compliments who I am as a wife and mom. And of course my love for fashion and design.  imageimageimage

My final review; it is a very cool watch and such a unique watch! Thanks JORD for creating such a beauty! Below is a link to my exact watch.

Side note: Before I even put the watch on, my husband grabbed it and tried it on. He loved the feel on his arm and the way it looked. The style worked well for a mens watch as well. Christmas present!

Wooden Watch For Men

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches



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