lets paint!

imageLets change things up! Painting is a great way to refresh your space. Update your walls, fireplace, your cabinets, a piece of furniture… whatever it is, I have painted it.. probably a few times. I think painting is pretty therapeutic actually. Throw on some tunes, some grungy clothes, and I am good to go.

Besides my walls, one piece I change constantly is my kitchen island. When we redid our kitchen, we left the existing cabinets and base in place. I really just wanted the island to feel more like a piece of furniture, rather then… an island. My island has been dark green, black, grey, and two shades of blue (I got the first shade wrong).

My suggestions on picking paint and how to’s….

Check online or in magazines for pictures of paint colors you like. Its always good to get ideas from a room or piece you have seen.

Get a few testers from your local home depot or paint store. Bring them home and try strips in a few different lights. Paint will look different when the light changes or in different rooms/ parts of the house, so give it a little time.

Decide on a color. And get good quality paint.. primer included is always a good choice. And don’t forget your supplies. Paint brush (Purdy is the best), roller, rolling pan, tape.

If you aren’t a pro painter or your hands aren’t super steady… tape off. Get some blue painters tape and tape off lines, the ceiling, the ground… whatever you don’t want paint to get on.

Paint. You can edge first or you can roll first. Really whatever feels good to you. I like to edge first. Ah, there is something so relaxing about edging. So soothing and calming. Rolling is different, I feel like I get all my aggression out when I’m rolling. You will most likely need to do 2 coats. Depending on your paint and what you’re covering. I always “try” and paint when my kids are down for a nap or watching a really long movie. But chances are, they are gonna come in and drag their hands along whatever it is I’m painting.. what are the chances?!

If you’re painting something with hardware, be sure to remove those first. No matter how steady the hand, you can always tell when you paint around something instead of behind it.image

It really is pretty simple. And its pretty hard to make a permanent mistake. Worst thing is, you just paint it again!

I would LOVE to see what you all paint! Be sure to tag me in your projects. imageimageimage


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