eclectic much?

Its hard to pin point my style into one category. I really believe my style is constantly changing with time. It sways with trends, my mood, and that jaw dropping feeling I get when I see something pretty. What’s great about this “eclectic mind” are the options! There are OH so many. I love the clean lines of a modern mirror, the softness of a rustic wooden chair, and the whimsical feel of a bohemian floral pillow. The reason I think this works is, a BALANCE. There should be a nice flow of all of the styles and colors throughout your living spaces.

Here are some of my guidelines when decorating eclectically 

Colors: Stay in a color scheme. This is true for the spaces that flow together. If your color pallet is neutral, throw pops of color throughout the room. If you tend to be more colorful, think about the color wheel, make sure your colors compliment each other. You also want to make sure you aren’t staying in one tone (cool and warm). If your walls are on the cooler side, add warmth to your decor. If your walls are warm, add cooler tones.  It will make everything stand out more. Otherwise everything just blends together like a big bowl of bland oatmeal.

Some of my favorite color combos are: navy +white, black+white, pink+blue, blue+yellow,black+white+blue, pink+black, gold+everything.



Hard and Soft: There should be a balance between textures. Keeping a nice mix on your elements will ensure you are steering clear from that ‘bowl of bland oatmeal’ house. A great combo for me is wood and metal. Mixing a wood table with a brass mirror or a gold vase on a wood console, warms a room up. This is why a kitchen looks so good with hardware on the drawers and cabinets. They compliment each other well. Other ways to soften your space are; rugs, pillows, table runners, baskets, flowers, plants.


Patterns: I am a slight pattern fanatic. I love mixing patterns! This can work if you stay in some sort of a color scheme and pick patterns that compliment each other. Remember I said BALANCE is key? Well I think most patterns can work together if you have a nice balance in patterns. For instance, I wouldn’t fill a couch with all different floral  print pillows. Pick 2 or 3 matching florals and then add in stripes+ solids to balance it out.



(Resources: Picture 1&2: Target bull.  Anthropologie books, candle and candle holder. Homegoods gold candle holder and flowers. Picture 3&4: Target mirror. Homegoods books, cactus picture and flowers. Ikea pot. PB candle holder and chandelier. Home Depot banana leaf. RH table. World Market chairs and table runner. Anthropologie vase and candle holder. Pictures 5,6,7,8: Homegoods dot and solid pillow. Ikea stripe pillow. Target macrame and tribal pillow. PB sheets. Land of Nod bedding and blanket. Ralph Lauren striped king shams. Ikea pillows. Homegoods kilim pillow. Pictures 9,10,11,12: Homegoods floral pillow. Homegoods tan and blue pillows. Homegoods RL euro shams, RL king shams and Homegoods pillow. Homegoods blue rug.

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