Old to who knew?!

Before and Afters 
Something old that I can make new… I’m in!

I’m all about huge renovations and tearing down walls…all of them. (It might be slightly excessive, I don’t care.) BUT, if you can’t do a major reno, here are my ideas on how to update your home and space on a tight budget!

Shown are just a few of the before and after projects I have completed. All of these have been under $4000. (Most of them a lot less.)

GUEST BATH– After painting the bathroom with BM Simple White, I replaced the glass on the light fixture from brown (which was dark and outdated) to clear glass. At only $7 a piece, it majorly updated the bathroom. I also replaced the mirror with something a little more modern (target $30.) Add a fresh hand towel and soap dispenser (HG $6 each), you’re golden!

Can I just say how much I LOVE my staircase. This beauty is the first thing people see when they walk in my house. It definitely makes a statement. I contracted out the work to install the all wood staircase and then painted and stained it myself. (Side note- painting can be very relaxing and even YOU can do it. Tips on that later!) The staircase was done for $3200 and was a major update on the house at a minor cost.


Well this sucker has been painted about 10x and I never want to paint it again!
When we first purchased the house, I was 3 weeks away from having our first son. Every decision was made very quickly and needless to stay, we have gone back over the years and changed a lot. Why did I want to make everything in my house brown!?!🙈
So on our second renovation of the kitchen, I wanted it done right. However; we didn’t want to blow our budget on a “not forever house”.
I kept the existing cabinet bases and ordered new doors and drawer boxes ($1200). New boxes were a must, the old were… really old. We hired painters to spray all of the cabinets ($1700.) I picked the Carrara marble backsplash from Home Depot ($700). Although it’s beautiful, I wouldn’t pick it again. It was pricey and it absorbs stains. I installed the backsplash with the help of my handy mother, so we saved on costs there and it was fairly easy! I love my brass hardware, I purchased these at Home Depot ($3.50 ea.). Lastly, I left the island base as is. I like to look at it as a piece of furniture. So we replaced the top with a piece of butcher block wood ($100) and then painted the bottom portion. I am constantly painting my island, I love that it is so versatile and that it can change with my moods.

Kitchen updates on a smaller scale and budget: fresh wall paint, new door handles, updated light fixture and DIY cabinet paint can easily refresh your kitchen space.

So get your hands dirty with me! You will be surprised at how you can easily make your old space, new!

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