garage sale like a pro

imageDo you garage sale?? Well you should! I’ve found some of my most treasured items and some highly sellable pieces at garage sales.

Hop on Craigslist and search in your favorite area. I look in the neighborhoods I like around me or in towns close by. Key words I look for are; community sale, multi family, neighborhood sale. I love the idea of grabbing a coffee, my oldest son and walking around one big neighborhood. A one stop shop.

Besides scoring killer items for yourself, garage sales are a great way to make money. I use them as a reselling tool. Most people when selling, are just trying to get rid of their “junk” as quickly as possible, selling new in-package and unused items. These are my treasures! The sellers don’t usually know the value of what they are selling. This is beneficial for us hunter shoppers! Keep your phone on hand, its a quick tool to compare or find the value of items. Lastly I most always make an offer, the worst they can say is no. Or they will come back with a counter. Oh and don’t forget to be polite and sweet! A little sugar goes a long way!

Instructions for CL garage sale:
• Go to
• Click the upper left corner to get to your city
• Go to the ‘for sale’ section and scroll down to ‘garage sales’
• If searching for something in particular, do it here. Just type in a key word. (Ex. Pottery barn table)
• Pick the day you are looking for. (Saturday’s are usually the best).

<Featured chair: bamboo chair purchased at a garage sale $8.

<Lounge chairs: garage sale $15! Deal of the century!

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