rearrange friday

Well this is pretty much happening everyday of the week at my house. With three littles under seven, our beautiful decor is being “misplaced” somewhere else on the reg. Apparently my children inherited my design bug.
If you’re on a tight budget, don’t want to go out and shop, or you just really need to spice up your day/mood, here are a few tips:

– Move the furniture. Even a slight tweak can feel like something fresh!
-Declutter. Walk around the house and see if you really need everything on those shelves. If you were to pack up your house tomorrow, would you want to put it in a box?
-Once you’re left with things you love, rearrange. Move a light, swap out rugs from another room, change out your kitchen hand towels or placemats. I am constantly switching my mirrors and pictures around as well.

Finished? Take your sweet self, go outside and cut some fresh flowers from your garden (or snag some from the neighbors) and enjoy!

Revive the old and make your house new again. The best part is, it’s FREE!


2 thoughts on “rearrange friday

  1. I’m so proud of you cuz! Love your new blog and what you’re doing. I’ll be checking your website for updates on how to improve my home, myself and my life. Besides being a mom, I think you have found your calling. I love you! Jes


  2. Go Ashley! You did it! It looks great! You’re going to be a fabulous success. I’m so excited for you. Love you… Donna


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